Your Daddy is Really Awesome

You may not  know this yet, but your Daddy is really awesome.

I mean, of course you think he’s awesome, but your level of awesome is different than mine. Right now, you see your Daddy exactly as you should. You see him as a strong, playful, energetic, amazing person who can pick you up and spin you around, teach you funny dances and phrases, and do things with you until you get tired.

I see your Daddy as someone who keeps us safe, provides for us, makes sure we have everything we need, loves us, is kind to us, and makes us happy. Seeing you happy with him makes me happy. Seeing the relationship y’all have with each other makes me way more than happy, actually. I’m not sure there’s a word for that feeling you get in your chest when you see two people you love so very much, love and enjoy each other.

I know you know where your Daddy works. You know he has a classroom and that he has a lot of kids in his room that get excited to see you and play with you. You know many of his colleagues and his boss, and you look forward to visiting his job all of the time. What you may not know is that, while Daddy gets extra time to himself during the summer, he isn’t really “off” like many people think.

See, your Daddy is always trying to learn and grow. He doesn’t settle for anything. On top of that, he loves us so much that he wants to make us as comfortable as possible while I stay home with you and continue to help your baby sister grow. What this means is that while Daddy has more time away from work, he still has things to do, and many of those things happen outside of our home.

You woke up this morning really sad, as you have for the last few mornings. We always seem to underestimate how much you understand. You’re almost 3 after all! We know you are so smart, but sometimes you surprise us! It turns out, you’re very aware that Daddy doesn’t have normal work hours. That he, in fact, has been home more and that he’s had more opportunities to spend time with us. So, you’ve been waking up a bit confused and upset when you realize he isn’t home. Bud, I felt so bad for you this morning. You woke up happily singing “No More Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed,” then jumped off the bed yourself to go find Daddy… and he wasn’t there. You came back crying, laid beside me and said you “wost Daddy.” I’ve tried to explain to you every day that Daddy isn’t lost. He’s just working. Daddy is being the very best Daddy to you and your little sister. While the days seem long to you, they’re actually very short! He’s working half days, giving kids extra help with their academics this summer. See, they didn’t accomplish all that they wanted to during the school year, so they’re trying extra hard this summer, so they can be ready when school starts back. On top of that, he’s tutoring older kids and adults who need a bit more understanding. Your Daddy loves helping people and he loves helping others learn. He’s wanted to have this job since he was young and now he’s living out that dream!

I can’t wait to see what dreams of yours become reality. I know this is a hard time for you, but one day you will realize that by Daddy living out his dream, it’ll make it possible for you to live out yours. I’m living out mine, too. I’ve always dreamt of having you and your sister, and now I get to live that every single day.

It’s so hard to understand, I know, but your Mimi and Nana worked so hard to make sure Mommy and Daddy could live out their dreams, and now we’re working so hard to make sure you and baby sister can live out yours when you’re older.

I promise you that Daddy isn’t lost. He’s very much found, and you can find him helping people and loving you. As a matter of fact, I told him how your morning went and he changed his schedule for tomorrow so he could spend extra time with you. You are so important. You are more important than his dream, than any job he takes or any money he makes. You and your happiness trumps all, and we are fortunate enough that Daddy’s summers allow for wiggle room so he can spend time with his favorite little fella.

We love you so much. You’re our first thought in the morning and our last at night. As the years go on and you grow, please always remember that we love you so.


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