Where Has the Time Gone?

I’m not entirely sure. All I know is that, unfortunately, I know myself too well. I knew I would procrastinate and put off writing. Granted, I had a newborn who turned into a little wiggly squish, but I’m not sure that’s the best excuse.

Nowadays, that newborn turned squish is 2.5. TWO and a HALF. What? I don’t even know.

Life is easier in regards to hopping on my phone or computer, but it’s harder when it comes to changing clothes and showering.

Balance, amiright?

Now that he’s talking and we can have conversations together, it has made for some awesome stories. Stories that I’ve been sharing on my facebook page. Stories that have prompted several people over the months to encourage me to write  a blog.

Bless them. They have no idea how lazy I am. BUT, I figure, as one friend suggested, I could always copy and paste what I put on there. Plus, the benefit of putting it here is that I may be able to find it all easier when I want to reflect.

I hope this goes the way I want it to. I hope I can pick this back up and type out some stories and thoughts… at least until Amelia arrives.

Oh, yea. We’re having a girl now. 🙂


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