Fly High Owver!… but Hold My Hand.

You know what was fun today? Oliver wanting to wear his Batman cape with his firetruck pjs and Spider-Man shoes. Oliver, er… I mean, “soo-reeul Owver,” (sounds like cereal, but is meant to be superhero) which is what he wants to be called lately, was so thrilled when he noticed the wind blowing his cape.

When we stopped by Jhavonn’s work to pick up something  and say hello during lunch. I was okay that he ran around saying hello to everyone, making sure his cape flew and they saw. It makes folks smile and, thankfully, nobody ever seems to mind. “We love happy noises,” one person said (this is one of many reasons why his workplace is awesome). I was also okay when he decided right then was a good time to stop and lay down in the middle of the cafeteria.

But when we went to Winn-Dixie and Sooreeul Owver thought that sooreeuls didn’t need to hold their mamas hand and be cautious while walking through the parking lot, Sooreeul Owver learned what it meant to lose a battle to Sooreeul Mama. No amount of convincing would prove to him that superheroes were cautious and listened to their mommies. Thankfully, seeing a buggy helped him calm down… because even sooreeuls can’t resist those.

Now my little superhero is napping… and despite the tinge of fear from earlier, I really wish he’d wake up so we could make that cape fly again.



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