As Usual, You Aren’t Doing Anything to Prevent Breast Cancer

Every year there’s a new fad on Facebook regarding Breast Cancer Awareness. Whether it’s about bras, winning the lottery, a trip, or something else gasp-worthy, the point is to gain awareness for breast cancer.

And I get it. I really do. There are fads all over Facebook. It makes us feel better about ourselves to “like” a picture of an emaciated kid, because if we “like” it, then we’re showing that we don’t think it’s right for the kid to go hungry. If we “share” a picture of a beaten animal, then we’re telling the world that we refuse to sit back and let animals get beaten.

If we tell everyone the color of our bra in a Facebook status, we want people to ask us why, so we can tell them, “It’s for Breast Cancer Awareness.”

It slips the minds of people that none of these things help. And yes, I’m guilty of it too. I used to do this and sometimes I still do. It’s something I’ve tried to stop. I’ve come to realize that sharing or “liking” a picture or article on Facebook does hardly anything for the cause being promoted. Awareness is great, but what helps more is devoting time, money, and items to whatever cause you’re for or passionate about.

We’ve become lazy. We’ve become lazy and desensitized. We’re able to show our support for whatever topic it is and keep on scrolling. As long as our friends know we’re for or against something, then all is well. And we just scroll along like nothing ever happened. What did “liking” that picture do for those directly affected by it?

Not a damn thing. They’re still starving. They’re still dying. They’re still homeless. They’re still poor. They still need Jesus. They still need education. They still need freedom. They still need to be vindicated. They still need justice.

We’ve become lazy. It’s important to realize that sitting on our butts, “liking” and sharing pictures won’t get the job done. It may spark interest in someone and get them off the couch to make something happen, but it won’t do that for everyone.

It’s time that we get out and do something. And that’s something I’ve tried to incorporate into my life. I don’t talk about it. I don’t pat myself on the  back on social media websites. I do things quietly, because my personal belief is that doing good doesn’t need to be praised. You should do it because you truly feel it needs to be done. Not so others can think you’re wonderful. Therefore, I rarely even let my closest friends know what I do something for others outside of my family.

When you’re doing for others, it isn’t about you. Again. It. Isn’t. About. You.

Why is that so hard for people to understand?

That brings me to the main reason for this post.

I have seen the new fad on Facebook. Women have taken it upon themselves to post pictures, or “selfies,” of themselves without makeup. This is somehow supposed to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Once a picture has been posted, they’re supposed to tag their girl friends, so those friends can do the same.

I think this is one of the most disgusting ways to “support” any form of cancer awareness.

Forget the fact that society has major issues with no-makeup selfies when it comes to celebrities or even us normal folks. We have an unhealthy obsession with all of that anyway.

But let’s think for a second what this is actually doing. Under almost every no-makeup picture I’ve seen are comments complimenting and praising the individuals.

Isn’t that counterproductive? Or… something?

I can’t help but wonder if any of these people have seen a cancer patient. Have any of them seen a person without their hair? Their eyebrows? Meat on their bones? Their bodies swollen as a result of treatment? Have they seen them throwing up, bundled in blankets, and crying because of the pain and agony they’re going through? Have they seen the mastectomy scars? Have they seen women feel they’ve lost their womanhood because of breast cancer? And this goes for any and all forms of cancer.

Cancer isn’t beautiful. Cancer isn’t an excuse for you to post pictures of yourself without makeup so your friends can praise you for YOUR bravery and pay you compliments.

It is absolutely SHAMEFUL for people to post pictures of themselves being HEALTHY, in an attempt to show us how “bare” and how “natural” they are. What is the point?!


I wonder if any of them would go up to a cancer patient without their makeup and say, “Look what I’ve done to help your cause. I’m going makeup free today!” Can you imagine anyone doing that? Can you IMAGINE how it could potentially make the cancer patient feel?

What about the survivors? How would they feel about this?

I would NEVER want someone to come up to me without makeup and ask me to praise them for it.

It’s time for us to stop praising ourselves and patting ourselves on the back for the good we THINK we’re doing. And start actually DOING GOOD. Stop being selfish. If you want to be open about the good you’re doing, do it in a way that inspires others to do the same. Encourage others to participate with you. Make it a group effort.

But please, don’t make this about you.

I realize this technically doesn’t go in line with my parenting theme. But when my kids look back on this, I want it to be a lesson for them. I want them to always think of others before themselves. I want them to  be passionate and compassionate. I want them to be self aware and know how their actions may affect those around them. I want them to be helpful and encouraging. I want them to be the example.


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