I Hope I Remember This When You’re Bigger

I just read a post from one of my favorite blogs (http://www.beyondmoi.com/an-open-letter-to-anyone-that-has-waited-for-my-family-when-we-were-late/ because I don’t know how to do funky link stuff) in which they wrote an open letter apologizing to those they’ve kept waiting as a result of their family running behind. In the post was all sorts of reasons why a family would be running […]

I Left a Puddle in the Bed

Were you ever one of those unfortunate kids who had a dream you were going to the bathroom, only to wake up and realize you were going in the bed? Oh, um… yea… that never happened to me either. Hm.. Well, anyway. This isn’t about that. However, I did wake up to a nice big […]

I’m Not Weighing Myself Again

As women, we grow up learning all about pregnancy. We watch the bellies of our moms, aunts, sisters, and friends grow and grow and grow. We see them sick. We see them tired. We see their ankles swell. Pregnancy is a time of massive one-uppers. It shouldn’t be a contest, but it is. Everyone wants […]