I Spend a Huge Part of My Day Partially Topless

You want me to admit that I’m reliving Mardis Gras and wearing a bunch of beads, don’t you? Or that I’m taking an early Spring Break? I bet you think I’m spicing up the sex life by pulling a move straight out of Striptease (does anyone even know that movie anymore?)

Mm, hate to disappoint. The only way I’m topless these days is because of breastfeeding. Honestly, I never imagined myself having the girls hang out so much. When I took on the responsibility of breastfeeding I figured it’d be so easy to do. I’d just raise my shirt or pull down my blouse and let the little guy go to town. Ha!

I had heard your boobs (yes, I say that more than “breasts,” what of it?) grow quite a bit during and after pregnancy, but even more so while breastfeeding. I expected this. What I didn’t account for was the fact none of my shirts would fit.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, I actually remember saying something along the lines of, “I can’t wait to wear these after I have itty bitty!” All I thought about was my belly being gone (not that it’s completely gone by any means, pfft), but it never crossed my mind that what I lost in belly I would gain in bust. Good grief!

(Disclaimer: I didn’t want this at the start of the post for all to see, but I have a picture of the little guy breastfeeding at the end of this post. Part of my breast is noticeable, so observe at your own risk)

Every morning, after I smile and giggle with the little guy (no joke, we do this every morning. I LOVE it), then change his diaper, I get my lazy ass out of bed and put some clothes on. I pass over several of my favorite shirts to find a shirt that will be easy to pull up over the girls.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love breastfeeding. I wish I could do it exclusively, but unfortunately we have to use a little formula (but we’re trying SO hard to make our way to EBFing! Wish us luck, will ya?). Even still, the majority of his diet is breastmilk, so the girls are huge. I was a D before pregnancy. There’s no telling what I am now. Ha! So, you can imagine why all of my medium shirts are screaming at the seams, am I right? Yea?

So, several times throughout the day a little someone lets me know he’s famished, as if he hadn’t eaten about an hour and a half before, so I pull up my shirt, with more might than I’d like to admit, unhook the bra, and let one of the girls loose. It really is one of the best feelings. Not only because it’s wonderful to know I’m nourishing his body with mine and giving him all he needs, but because it’s a great release when your breasts are quite full. We’re past the oh-my-god-my-nipple-is-about-to-rip-off- phase. We’re at the ohhhh-that-feels-so-much-better phase.

Our tough guy gets bored or impatient quite easily, so I have to shift to the other breast about 15 min (give or take) after he starts. So I end up just sitting there with my shirt pushed above my boobs, both boobs unhooked from the bra, at the ready in case he changes his mind again.

And would you believe that I honestly don’t think about it anymore? I’ll sit there for an hour if he’d let me, just hanging loose for the world to see. It’s almost not even worth it to hook them back into the bra. Well, of course it is, but sometimes they just feel so much better free rather than confined. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m forgetful and lazy.

Anyway, earlier today it dawned on me just how much of my day is spent partially topless. Far more of my day than I ever expected or thought would be. And you know what? It feels pretty damn good.

I previously had another picture posted. Unfortunately, it showed a part of my actual nipple and some people thought it would be best to keep that part of me private. It is one of my absolute most FAVORITE pictures, so I WILL post it again… eventually.

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