It’s A….

So, I never said I was organized. Maybe I did. I like to think I am, but I also like to acknowledge how messy I am. With that being said, I’m about to jump back to April and make a post I always intended. The gender reveal!

I was (and will be again soon!) an avid Pinterest pinner. What’s better than Pinterest? Not much, honestly. Because all of your favorite things can be found on Pinterest! Don’t even lie. You know they can. Well, like most females (let’s be real) I had a board designated for my future child(ren). I had ideas for baby showers, games, outfits, bedroom designs, etc. I also had ideas for how to reveal the gender of you baby! Pregnancy is already such an exciting experience, but in a world where everything is so easily documented, I wanted to take advantage of that. So, we decided to have a gender reveal party. I was dead-set on it for the longest. Yet, as the date got closer, I struggled and struggled with how we should do the reveal. Jhavonn wasn’t with me on the method, but then he was. We agreed on cupcakes, then I wondered about cake. Mom wanted to know immediately, and so did we. Then we were okay with waiting, then Jhavonn wanted to know and I wanted to wait, then we both wanted to wait, then we wanted to know. Ahhh!!!! So many options for two incredibly indecisive people.

We FINALLY decided to wait. We told the sonographer that we wanted to have the gender put in an envelop, so we could take it to the bakery. I had previously called the bakery (shout out to GiGi’s cupcakes for being the ONLY bakery to reply back to my requests for this project) and set everything up. They would get the envelop the day of the party. The cupcakes would be minis with white icing and pink and blue sprinkles on top. Inside the minis would be a filling indicating the gender – pink or blue!

Naturally the appointment ran late. It was the latest appointment we’d ever had, so I was frantic. Luckily we’d already bought all the goodies for a great cookout, so we rushed home to prepare. I think the pictures can tell the rest. 🙂

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