It’s Been A While

I never said I was good at blogging. However, I’m pretty sure I may have mentioned being a procrastinator… maybe.

A lot has happened since I started this blog. I had every good intention on keeping up with it during my pregnancy. Shortly after I created the blog Mom and Jhavonn went to Paris with their college. I tried to write an entry while they were gone, but it was full of desperation, despair, and sadness. Hormones can do that to ya. So, it sits in the “draft” section of my dashboard, hopefully never to see the light of day. I can’t remember how much of it I completed, but I don’t intend to finish it. Those were dark thoughts I rather not visit again.

Aside from that, I meant to log in so many memories to look back on. Whether it’s on my own or with my kid(s). Unfortunately, they’re all in my head for now. And that’s okay with me… for now.

What I ended up doing instead was posting random statuses on facebook, using it kind of like a blog. I developed quite a following while doing that. I kind of hope everyone who follows my pregnancy/baby statuses would follow this, but I know that won’t happen. That’s part of the reason I continued updating on facebook. It was the easiest way to update folks, since, if they’re anything like me, they’re far too lazy to go to a different link to keep up with someone. Ha.

Aside from those statuses, I would like to eventually make a few posts about pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll reflect back on those memories sporadically throughout the blog. One in particular I’d like to do would be the gender reveal party. I’d love to write that one up and include pictures. I also plan to do a birth story.

This could be good. It really could be. And I really want to make myself do this. I just hope I can force myself to pull the page up and write. I have so many ideas in my head. So many things I want to put down. I just have to stop thinking about it and DO it! đŸ™‚


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