Must Have Food.

I was recently told by my doctor that I can’t take a trip to Paris. Something about it could cause blood clots. I could fly within the country, just not a long fly to… Paris. -heavy sigh- Needless to say, I was devastated. My Mom and fiance are going on the trip with my old college. I went about 4 years ago, but was hoping to share the experience with them.

When I realized I couldn’t go, I started spending the money I’d saved for the trip. It was a nice pocket of change and I’m quite proud of how much I saved. Needless to say, I spent it on some stupid stuff, but mostly necessary things like gas, groceries, things for the trip (bought Mom some luggage and a new purse!), and a few trips out to eat with friends and family.

What I didn’t mean to do was spend an ungodly amount on food for MYSELF. I have seriously bought so much food. However, I use the phrase “so much” very loosely. My appetite is much smaller, so I eat about once every 2 hours. I get full very quickly, but get hungry again quickly too. Hence the reason I buy “so much food.” I’ve bought snacks, drinks, meals, entrees, etc. I’ve gone back to “hoarding” food in my room, because I’ve realized that I will lose my mind when others eat it. There are things that can’t be kept in my room, but must be refrigerated instead… oh, how I hated missing out on some of those items. I think the family has pretty much caught on to what is MINE in the fridge. So I haven’t had any meltdowns over food as of late.

Speaking of food… I have lost my taste for chocolate. I mean, I can eat a piece if it’s offered to me, but I no longer have to/want to eat it all the time. I like to consider myself a “chocoholic.” Jhavonn is allergic to chocolate, poor thing. I wonder if this means our kid will be. I sure as hell hope not. I also lost my taste for coffee and soft drinks for a while. I’m 4 months and 3 weeks today (or 19 weeks). It took about 4 months and a week to actually WANT coffee. And I’ve been having a coke every once in a while. Now, don’t preach to me about caffeine. I monitor my intake and I WILL have it. I dare you to try and stop me. … Anyway, those are the things I’ve missed out on. Oh! And wings. Well, the last time I had those just happened to be the first nigh of my morning sickness (a bit of an oxymoron if you as me). I puked my guts out and didn’t stop for about a month and a half. I cannot STAND the smell of wings… I hope that goes away.

As for cravings and things out of the ordinary… Well, nothing strange has happened yet. I’m a weird eater anyway. My favorite snack is buttermilk and crackers. I also like cheddar cheese and sliced pickle sandwiches, or cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches, tomato sandwiches, etc. I eat tomatoes like apples and I enjoy brussel sprouts. I also go through phases with food. I’ve been known to eat potatoes for a wee straight. Or the same sandwich for a week straight. I’ll go on milk and cheese binges, etc. So, yea… I’m a “weird” eater. One of my best friends says I eat like a pregnant woman already, so any new cravings won’t seem weird. She’s right. Technically, those habits haven’t changed. I crave things and I go through those same phases where I’ll eat that “thing” for a week or two straight (with other things mixed in, of course). Pickles was the first one I realized. I was at work and some pickles were laid out and I literally couldn’t move. The smell was intoxicating, my mouth was watering, and whenever I walked away from them… I’d come back. One of my bosses gave up and said, “Just go get some pickles, Kristen.” I’ve gone through about 4 jars of Vlasic Stackers. Some in one night, some over the course of a few days. I now have a huge jar of Mt. Olive pickles to go through, but thankfully that craving has subsided a bit. Whew! Lately, my craving has been hotdogs and salads. It’s lasted about 2-3 weeks so far. Cravings often indicate a deficiency of some sort (but it’s not always necessary)… I don’t want to know what I “need” from a hotdog.

Some other things I had phases/cravings with were Fritos, potato chips (during morning sickness the saltiness helped), milk (that one is really bad right now. I pretty much need a gallon to myself), fruit juice, water water and more water (thank goodness!), fruit of all kinds, etc.

So, nothing out of the ordinary really.

What am I kind of embarrassed about craving… and I’ve wanted this just about more than anything? BEER. It makes my MOUTH water to smell it or see it… It’s killing me… but I shall resist! You better believe I’m going to give those little things a try that let you test your breast milk. The idea of having to wait until I’m done breast feeding drives me crazy. haha. I’ll be sure to stock up a nice load for the little one, so I can have a beer or two.

What else have I missed since being pregnant?… Besides beer, of course… Raw Oysters!! Those and sushi, but mostly oysters and beer!

After all of this food talk (and stalking of food on pinterest)… it’s time for a snack.


One thought on “Must Have Food.

  1. I definitely got a lot of flack for drinking sodas while I was pregnant. Haha. But Silas is fine. And my caffeine consumption had nothing to do with his premature birth (though a few people have formed that opinion). I also craved Fruit Punch Gatorade. I was in CVS drinking one and a woman told me that I might as well go drink a margarita if I was going to drink a Gatorade while I was pregnant… But now we’re getting back into people unnecessarily voicing their opinions. Haha.


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