“So… Was This Planned?”

Yes, we know some people who are THAT eloquent! No hard feelings, though.

I figure this would be a good time to gather my thoughts in one place, so when Itty Bitty (what he/she will be called probably until they’re born, despite finding out the gender in a 8 days) comes and asks us later on, we’ll be able to tell him/her to click the microchip in their arm to pull up the old school blog Mommy created. Just kidding. It won’t be a microchip, it’ll probably be one of those watches that creates a type of holographic computer or something.

So, was this planned? The answer to that would be yes. Jhavonn and I have been together for 3 years (and some months). He proposed to me on October 7th, 2012. It was a fantastically sweet proposal. I’m a very lucky gal. 🙂 Around this time last year we started seriously talking about children. We discussed where we were in life, where we wanted to be, our ages, our jobs, our schooling, our relationship, etc. We discussed everything. We really wanted children, but we knew there were other things we needed to do first. It turned out having a kid last year would’ve been horrible timing, so I’m thankful we didn’t.

So, after our engagement, we started the wedding planning. It was very daunting, but exciting, and we were thrilled to have something awesome to prepare for. We set our engagement for October 26th, 2013. After about a month or two of planning, we realized we should probably push the wedding back. Actually, Jhavonn and Mom realized this. I was in complete denial and had a nice little breakdown that lasted almost a week. We realized that with so many of our friends getting married, and our upcoming trip to Paris, that planning a wedding would be hard and didn’t make sense, especially if we wanted to participate in all of those events. After deciding to postpone it, and after my “depression” (I use that term very lightly), we started talking about kids again. Ultimately, we decided that just because we were postponing a wedding, didn’t mean we had to postpone the most important part of our future lives together. Children! We sat down and discussed it together quite a few times. You’re never ready for kids, and we know that. Sure, could we be settled into our careers and making more money before we have kids? Yes. Could we  be in those places and still feel unprepared and like we need more time? Yes. Did I want us to keep finding reasons on why we should wait? No. I didn’t want to be 35 finally having a child, wishing I’d had him/her in my 20s.

In December I made the decision to go off of birth control. Oddly enough, it wasn’t because we wanted to try for a child. It was because, for some reason, my birth control was giving me headaches on a daily basis (when I was used to only 2-3 migraines a month), and my eyes/vision were messing up. Making the connection, I decided it was time to toss the pills and look into another method. I told Jhavonn what I’d done, and we figured we would just see what happens. We weren’t preventing it, but we weren’t sure if we would completely try either. We just made the decision that it would probably happen some time within the year.

Well, it obviously did. And on the first try. Haha. Who knew!? We’re ecstatic and very pleased. It’s been a very interesting roller coaster so far, and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I hope to document what I can along the way. As I write this I’m 18 weeks, so I’m starting a “little late” as far as documentation goes, but it’s not a huge deal. It’ll still be fun!


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